Welcome to Someone’s Thoughts.  This website has been created as a resource for individuals to use as either a venue to write about their condition in an effort to help others or as a tool to connect you with other people that have felt, or are feeling, the same way that you do.  Accepting the fact that you have a psychological condition that has become a hindrance in your life is not always an easy task.  In fact, it can sometimes be very difficult to overcome a situation at times since multiple conditions can be present.  For example, a recovering alcoholic and addict has likely made any problems related to depression much worse by self-medicating with substances.  Each of these conditions must be addressed individually so that we may overcome them, but you may be able to work on all of them at the same time.  The most important thing to remember throughout your recovery is that you are not alone.  It is almost a guaranteed fact that others have felt the way that you are feeling and have been in the same situations you are facing, and many of them recovered very successfully through the help of others.

It is not the intentions of Someone’s Thoughts to back any specific recovery programs through this website.  This website is not run by doctors.  The only way that you will be able to create a recovery plan that will work for you is to consult with your personal doctors and present them with your situation, giving them 100% honesty and a commitment to work towards a healthier lifestyle.

The goal of this website is to provide a resource for people to catch a glimpse into someone else’s mind as they go through life managing psychological conditions.  The guidelines for using this website are as follows.

1) Do not share personal contact information through the comment boards.

2) Be respectful of views that may not reflect your own.

3) If you think that you may be having an emergency, be honest with yourself and ask for help.  An emergency is defined as any time you are a danger to yourself or others, or any time that you are in danger of being harmed by someone or something else.  Asking for help may involve speaking with a friend or family member, calling 911 for an immediate intervention, or calling the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255.

We’ve tried to include as much as we can on this website to address the most common psychological conditions currently recognized by the DSM-V.  The DSM-V, or the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – Fifth Edition, is the publication which defines our psychological conditions based on meeting certain criteria.  The page for each condition will start with an explanation of its diagnostic criteria.  If you feel that we have left anything out, please contact us by emailing webmaster@someonesthoughts.com and we will be happy to look at it for you.

Posts and Pages on this website are managed by Categories.  When creating a post, please select all of the relevant Categories boxes that correspond to your personal circumstances.  This will ensure that your post is displayed in the correct places on the site.

Personal Blogs represent our featured writers.  These are people that have worked very hard at overcoming their personal battles and they have decided to share their experience, strength, and hope with you in an attempt to help you find a way to normalcy.

TED Talks are links to material that has been created by an outside company, and the videos feature lectures that address topics through worldwide experts in the field.

The Music resource is just a place for us to share a meaningful song.  It may relate to depression, it may relate to alcoholism, or it may just help us feel good when everything seems to be going wrong.  If you share a link to music, please explain why the song is significant to you.

Finally, this site is yours for the taking.  Use it if you’d like, don’t use it if it creates stress for you.  Our belief is that, through working together, we can accomplish anything.  It is our primary hope that you will find someone else’s thoughts will reflect your own and you will then know that you are not alone.